Friday, March 9, 2012

I heart faces photo challenge

Since my website is still under construction (phuleeze don't get me started), I am posting my submission for the "I Heart Faces" beautiful black and white photo challenge ( here on my ancient out dated bloggy.

Honestly, this little girl looks stunning in any picture, but those big marble eyes just jump off the paper (screen?) when the image is black and white.

Beautiful. Beautiful. Beautiful.

Photo Challenge Submission

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Lets Hear it for the Boys

I am posting this as an entry in I Heart Faces contest. When I saw the entry subject, I thought to myself, "I know JUST the image!!!"

They are all rough and tumble, snail and puppy dog tail BOYS. In motion was the ONLY way to take a picture of them.

I did get a little sand in my face when the oldest brother got to me. I asked for it laying on the ground while a herd of brothers ran at me.

Make sure to go to I Heart Faces, Lets Hear it For the Boys, for more entries!

Monday, December 27, 2010

Z and K: the HONOR was all mine.

(This post is a long time coming, I was saving these pics for my new site, but... I JUST CAN'T CONTAIN THEM ANYMORE).

Dear Universe,
If you could please send me people like

I think I might be the happiest and most fulfilled photographer--EVER.

When I was contacted by the bride-to-be, and she used Pig Latin in the subject line, I knew I was willing to move heaven and earth to shoot for her. She was fun, and kind, so head over heels in love with her Marine gentleman, and BEAUTIFUL to boot.

With such an immediate connection, I felt like a friend who was invited to her very small and intimate wedding.

I ran them all over taking pictures, and making them smooch constantly. They didn't complain ONE BIT. In fact, they were gracious and would kiss even when I didn't need them too. CLEARLY, there is a physical connection...

But that isn't what I noticed first. In my initial consult with the bride, when she spoke of her groom, it wasn't so much what she said, it was HOW she spoke when she described him that struck me. She is soo in love with all of him.

When I met him, I understood why.
Her sweet groom is mild, and protective of her.
His eyes smile as big as his lips when he sees her, and I could see that she was his world.

And so, Universe, I will do my part to give couples like this one the best photography experience I can offer. Please, just send them my way. If it helps, I will also clean trash off highways, pet homeless kittens, and let people in front of me during rush hour traffic if karma would be willing to help me out as well.
Sincerely, EWP

Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas!

These were taken of my tree last night. Grab some hot cocoa, wrap up in your snuggie, and enjoy.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Holiday Fail

Sometimes I love me a good fail photo. GOLD.
Sending some, "Merry Christmas," cheer from EWP!!

On the darling list

Santa, I KNOW your red velvet bag is stuffed to the gills with presents for this little sweet heart.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Did I show you this one?

I couldn't remember.

Today is Monday. So far, I have put three baskets of clothes away, cleaned two rooms in my house, which I know will not stay so, played an awesome practical joke on my hubbs, fixed breakfast and lunch for 3 hungry kids, got myself dressed and ready (almost, mascara to go), and put my baby down for a nap. I want to squeeze in a little right-brained activity today:

A wonderful friend dropped off a cello to my door yesterday.

I used to play.

I would like to again.

It is on loan.

Tonight, I am hoping to make it in time for a meeting of photographers in my area. I am excited to meet and greet.

As a side note, I am also nervous for what my husband may have planned in revenge...

Have a great day!